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Research Center for Humanitarian Aid “RCHA” RDC/Asbl is a national, non-profit, non-governmental organization. with a research, social and humanitarian vocation for the respect and application of fundamental human rights. Created on January 2, 2019 and recognized in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a non-governmental organization and obtained its official approval “F.92/46.519” on February 10, 2022. RCHA-RDC/Asbl is an active member of the various clusters at the provincial level. RCHA-RDC/Asbl has its head office in the city of Goma, province of North Kivu, at No. 01, Avenue du Gouverneur in the Quartier Les Volcans in the commune and city of Goma, with a prospect of opening representative offices in different provinces, where we carry out some of our activities with the Ministry of Health.


a) Overall Objective

Conduct research on a humanitarian and development level in order to constitute a bank/database that can be the subject of planning in terms of response to fight against inequalities and poverty in the world.

Specific objectives

  • Establish a framework for studying and collecting data relating to the challenges of different communities and developing mechanisms to circumvent them in terms of responses.

  • Make a substantial contribution to the development and improvement of groups, organizations and governmental or non-governmental institutions, by offering them a range of information, training in terms of institutional or structural support.

  • Promote rational management activities for ecosystems for sustainable development in order to contribute to food sufficiency.

  • Support victims of human rights violations as well as other vulnerable people through assistance, advocacy and denunciation.

  • Promote community and peaceful cohabitation activities.

  • Contribute to the very significant reduction in the spread and survival of infectious and non-infectious (metabolic) diseases through the promotion of primary health care activities. (SSP).

  • Execute development projects to nourish its social orientation.

b) Vision of RCHA-DRC

The Vision of RCHA-DRC dreams of a society of freedom, equality and the enjoyment of effective rights and where poverty is significantly reduced.

c) RCHA-DRC mission

The Mission of RCHA-DRC consists of the search for relevant, effective and sustainable solutions to the various problems/challenges of the populations, in a participatory approach; in order to reduce the vulnerability of populations through strategic and organizational support.

d) Values and Currency of RCHA-DRC

RCHA-RDC is responsible, committed to the cause of the vulnerability of the population. He advocates diversity in all its forms by serving others with dignity, love and determination.

Ambitious, committed, peaceful, honest, creative in our work, and collaborates and influences others for change. React according to honesty.

Motto: “Research, Assistance and Advocacy”.

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